If you care about Hayes Valley’s public space, the city needs to hear from you ASAP.

Important info, plus email addresses to write to today.

This is what PROXY looks like on film festival nights. This was just before a screening of the excellent Try Harder . But the screen didn’t say this I photoshopped it :)

The wheels are turning behind the scenes now.

…development of the lot?

Demand a public process to determine the future of the plaza!


Tell the city you want to extend PROXY’s lease and be part of figuring out future development plans!

  • Dean Preston (District 5 Supervisor): prestonstaff@sfgov.org (other supervisors’ contact info can be found here)
  • Kate Sofis, Director OEWD kate.sofis@sfgov.org
  • Ted Conrad, Project Manager OEWD theodore.conrad@sfgov.org
  • Andrico Penick, Director SF Real Estate andrico.penick@sfgov.org
An Urban Air Market Event in Hayes Valley
Sweet parking lot, bro — Parcel K in 2009 before PROXY opened it up as a public plaza.



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