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This is what PROXY looks like on film festival nights. This was just before a screening of the excellent . But the screen didn’t say this I photoshopped it :)

Over two years ago — even before a pandemic reinforced the value of outdoor city public space — of the popular “” plaza in Hayes Valley adjacent to Patricia’s Green.

The wheels are turning behind the scenes now.

We have reached an important decision point for the future of this public space…

A brief history of my favorite San Francisco tree

Mexican palm, Grove St near Gough St, San Francisco. (Photo: Courtesy of author)

My favorite San Francisco tree is this majestic, lone Mexican palm on Grove Street, nestled between the old Double Decker diner and the snazzy 300 Ivy complex. It’s very tall. It pops up above the rooflines of the five-plus story buildings around it, and it’s visible from quite far away…

‘Smart’ home appliances are cheaper, better, and creepier. There’s only one company that might think different.

Remember when your television didn’t spy on you? Technologist and Glitch CEO Anil Dash that there must be some big market out there for “dumb” appliances:

Dash’s pitch is certainly appealing to those of us who don’t like giving up any notion of privacy, but unfortunately…

Thoughts about a new direction for desktop UI

Just contemplating some Serious Business before hitting the tennis court. From “” (1984) by Apple Computer.

The long-lived “desktop” operating system has been with us for almost 40 years. Although some of the mechanics have proven remarkably durable, contemporary computer usage is very different from the context these were born in, and it’s time to do some rethinking.

I’m going to outline the original idea, illustrate…

Want to recap an original Naim NAIT? Here’s what the authorized shops use.

A Naim Audio NAIT (1983) integrated amplifier, after a Naim-authorized service.

Warning: extremely niche-audience post ahead.

I’ve recently to perform a service and calibration on an original Naim NAIT integrated amplifier (new capacitors and bias adjustment). …

Digital art and collectibles are a rich vein of opportunity, but this isn’t the way.

I don’t live under a rock, but I’d never even heard of “NFTs” until about a month ago, and now they are absolutely everywhere. Mainstream artists and pop acts are “minting” digital collectibles, artists are…

Ben Zotto

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